Create magic with data…

Welcome to the age of data…

Dataoro unites expertise from data science, technology and business to drive customer success.


We are a professional services firm, bringing together talent and expertise from Business, Technology and Data Science to support data driven businesses. We apply the scientific method to business to:

– Solve complex and challenging business problems with data science
– Drive business performance and customer engagement with analytics
– Generate business value from investments in data and business technology

Our vision is to become the most trusted advisor for data-driven businesses – enabling them to manage data as a strategic asset, use data as a competitive advantage, and generate business value from data.


data’oro has 3 different meanings depending on how the word ‘oro’ is used.

1 – Oro is the word for gold in Spanish and Italian. data’oro is therefore data gold. This reflects our core value proposition – managing, mining and monetizing data to generate business value (gold) from data.

2 – ORO is used as an abbreviation for ‘Confusion’ in the Internet slang. Many businesses can relate to this as lack of a clear strategy often results in more investments in storing and maintaining data, rather than investments which help generate business value from data. data’oro helps make sense of the data confusion in businesses.

3 – Oros in greek means relating to mountains. data’oro therefore represents a mountain of data. Most business find it difficult to extract business value from the overload of data. data’oro can help extract meaning from huge volumes of data.

The 3 meanings of data’oro are combined to create one unifying theme for the brand:

If you have mountains (oros) of data and are not clear (ORO) about how to generate business value from it, we can help extract the gold (oro) from your data.



Steve is a people oriented business coach, mentor & CEO with 28 years of experience in a global professional services business focusing on applied consumer insights & market information.

Born in Dubai, educated in Canada and France, and fluent in English & French, Steve brings the international perspective to business. He spent the last 21 years in the Middle East & North Africa as the CEO of TNS, organically building the company from a small 40 member team into a multi-million dollar market leading consumer research consultancy, with a Team of over 500.

Steve was an executive member of the TNS Africa Mediterranean Middle East & Africa (AMME) Executive Committee, Chairman of the AMME Markets Board, and ESOMAR UAE Representative, the world association for market, social & opinion research, from 2003 to 2013.

Steve’s success lies in his passion for coaching & mentoring team members, enabling them to deliver to their true potential, and to collaboratively wow clients.