Superior Customer Experience with Big Data & Analytics


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers have increasingly high expectations for their interactions with your organization. Connecting with customers on a human level is more important than ever.

By gaining insights on needs, preference and behaviors, customer journeys can be optimized at critical touch-points. Consistently delivering positive experiences establishes strong relationships which help build loyalty and drive business growth.

CEM Layer

Customer Datamart

By pulling together all customer interaction data into one unified model, organizations can gain insights on needs, preference and behaviors to optimize the customer journeys at critical touch-points.


Experience segmentation is based on needs and preferences data from customer surveys and transactional data from internal systems. This holistic approach to segmentation enables better customized experiences.

Look-alike Modeling

Look-alike models are used to map the results of customer surveys onto the entire customer base. This enables the organization to action the results of customer surveys and developed targeted programs.

Targeted Programs

Differentiated customer experiences are created at the touch-points based on targeted customer profiles. The impact of these programs are measured by setting up control and target groups.