Optimize your credit portfolio, and make smarter lending decisions

Too much credit exposure can lead to high default rates and charge-off percentages. Too little often means lost business and revenue. We help you adeptly manage credit risk so you can meet regulatory requirements while improving your overall performance.

Make smarter lending decisions. Accurately assess credit risk exposure at the time of origination using application and behavior scoring to get a better understanding of specific risk characteristics. Create a comprehensive view of risk at both customer and account levels.
Manage credit portfolio using risk/return measures. Calculate portfolio credit risk using advanced portfolio credit risk models, such as actuarial, multivariate Merton and reduced form stochastic transition matrix models.
Effectively monitor a wide range of loan portfolios. Calculate and stress portfolio exposures, taking into account the effects of netting, collateral, and margining. Perform advanced simulation of potential future exposure.
Optimize collections and recovery. Use scoring, decisioning and optimization technologies to forecast potential losses and formulate better collections and recovery strategies.


Strengthen your risk strategy & oversight

It’s no longer just the CRO who manages risk. The CEO, board of directors and executives across all lines of business are accountable for maintaining a level of risk consistent with the organization’s overall risk appetite.

Gain a holistic, enterprisewide view of your risk exposure. Measure exposure and risk across all risk types and books of business, and update measures as often as needed.
Establish a centralized model inventory and model risk management framework. Gain transparency into the modeling process and promote consistent standards throughout your organization to ensure superior quantitative and qualitative model risk management, regardless of model type, source or technology.
Become a well-governed, risk-aware organization. Establish a risk infrastructure that consistently delivers high-quality data, produces accurate regulatory reports, and enables near-real-time risk management and monitoring.
Create a consolidated data, modeling and reporting platform. Integrate existing risk models and data hierarchies into a streamlined, unified data infrastructure to measure and report credit, market and liquidity risk.


Anticipate. Protect. Prevent

Safeguard your organization’s reputation and your bottom line by stopping improper payments associated with fraud, waste and abuse before they occur. Get early warning of emerging threats, and keep costs in check.

Detect fraud, waste and abuse with accuracy and precision. Our unique approach uses multiple analytical techniques – predictive modeling, anomaly detection, text mining, business rules and social network analysis – to generate more accurate, better-prioritized results.
Gain a realistic view of your overall fraud risk. Get a more integral, cross-channel view throughout your enterprise using entity link analysis to reveal hidden relationships and suspicious associations among customers, accounts and other entities across all lines of business.
Uncover even the most complex fraud schemes fast. Apply proven behavioral analytics in real time to distinguish between legitimate and suspicious activity.